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Sac_coverAnna Lee Waldo wrote the best-selling historical novel, SACAJAWEA.Her interest in the subject began as a child when she collected spear points on the shores of Whitefish Lake in Montana and listened to stories of Blackfeet and Crow grandmothers.

It took her ten years to write about the first woman to go with a military contingent, with a baby in a cradleboard, half way across the North American continent.Anna Lee is now writing a sequence of books that began in Wales in the twelfth century. These books are based on the elusive history of the son of Prince Owain Gwynedd, named Madoc, who came to America in 1170. The new book, which is coming out in July 2011, is about Madoc taking women from Wales to his colony in Llan Newydd, in unproved land.Below is a short synopsis of this new book.




††† Watch the Face of the Sky

†††† Publisher: Zova Books, Inc., July 2011

Chief Shipmaster Madoc and two hundred men take ten single-sail Viking built ships to an unproved land in 1170 A.D.They build a farming community, named Llan Newydd, atop a high bluff overlooking the sea and a nearby river.They miss their women and children.Madoc and another shipmaster take two ships back home, to Wales, to recruit women for their colony.Madoc and an orphaned girl, Ciara, are attracted to one another.After several weeks, Madoc had twenty women and children, two men, farm animals, gear and barrels of food and water closely packed on each of seven ships.Six of the ships sail away from Lundy Island, across the Western Sea. Imagine how the women, confined in a small ship for nearly eight weeks, deal with no privacy, storms, jealousy, rage, superstition, dehydration starvation and death in order to reach their dreams of safety and freedom from the beheading and torturous treatment of Englandís King Henry II.

For food, water and rest they beach on Butterfly Island (Guadeloupe).The islandís chief, Yax, tries to make Madoc a sacrificial gift to the god inside an active volcano.Afterwards they sail through a storm and land on a boot-like peninsula (Yucatan), which they know is not the landmark, called Dogís Tail (Florida), which they look for.Yax, a stowaway, is now in the land of his youth.He and Madoc become a team to play ball in the City-at-the-Mouth-of-the-Well (Chichen Itza) against the present leader and a salt-maker.Meanwhile, many of the ship people suffer from coughing sickness (whooping cough).Ciara and twelve-year-old Bran leave camp to search for Madoc. Bran helps Madoc and Yax win the ballgame, Ciara is thrown into the Sacred Well and Madoc visits a Maya Skywatcher and learns astronomy plus a prophecy of End Time.Bran used a crystal skull to tell the Cityís people the name of their new leader.Does Madoc get the women, children and men safely to Llan Newydd?Will he and Ciara ever be a couple?

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Sac_coverSACAJAWEA: Historical novel, Avon Books, subsidiary of Harper Collins, paperback and e-book format, 1408 pgs, found in most bookstores, also on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.




PrairiePRAIRIE :Historical novel, Berkley, Jove Books,paperback, 1120 pgs.Out-of-print, but available as a back-in-print book from iUniverse.Com and used books from some bookstores, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com




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